Chisholm Renovations – Home Renovations

Chisholm Renovations – Home Renovations

The Home Bulletin March 3, 2014

Chisholm Renovations: A family business built on quality, service and integrity

Chisholm Renovations was launched in 1956 by brothers Jack and Don Chisholm who moved from Nova Scotia to Montreal to seek their fortunes. The company began as a manufacturer of storm windows. Jack had considerable experience in manufacturing windows – having worked for a large plant in the U.S. – so naturally became the active partner selling and installing windows when in Montreal.

Jack’s son Dennis, who is the current president of Chisholm Renovations, talked about the beginning days.

“It was tough for my father as he worked to establish the new company. He worked three jobs to support his young family while trying to get the new business going.”

One asset he brought with him was the maritime attitude of helping your neighbour. This translated into the company’s guiding principle of treating your customer fairly, while giving him your best effort and a good product at a fair price. This was unusual in the era of the ‘tin man’ when rip-offs were par for the course in the aluminum siding industry.  People noticed the difference and the company grew. Always looking for new ways to improve service Chisholm Renovations was innovative.

“We were the first to produce and install vented soffits,” says Dennis Chisholm.

Over the years the company prospered, adding  staff  and  expanding  the  products and services offered. They introduced siding, doors, home renovations, and roofing. In the late seventies they discontinued window manufacturing when huge manufacturers came onto the market. With mass production and lower prices it was no longer feasible for Chisholm to manufacture. As service was their strong point they began to focus on retailing and renovations.

In 1990, Dennis Chisholm became president of Chisholm Renovations when he and his sister Janet bought out their father and uncle. This was a natural move for Dennis who had practically grown up in the company. He started to work in the plant part-time from the age of thirteen. When he was eighteen he came in full-time, working in production, installation and sales, becoming fully indoctrinated into every aspect of the business. Along with the technical training also came Jack Chisholm’s work ethic and concern for the customer which continues to this day.

“Our after sales service includes a call back following each installation, to ensure that our customers are completely satisfied with their purchase from Chisholm Renovations,” says Dennis. “Over seventy five percent of our business is generated from repeat customers and their referrals. We go out of our way to provide quality products at fair prices”.

For more information visit www.chisholmapcor.com