Novatek Electric Inc. – Electrical Contractor

The electrician Domenic Iasenza on the job standing by his white truck

Novatek Electric Inc. – Electrical Contractor

The Home Bulletin December 5th, 2016

Electrical contractor gives priority to customers’ needs

An electrician concerned about safety

Master electrician Domenic Iasenza started Novatek Electric Inc. in 1992 with the guiding principle of putting the needs of the client first.

“Integrity is very important”, says Iasenza. “We actively strive to give the client value. We would rather lose a job than lower our standards.”

Novatek Electric is a full service electrical contractor serving residential, commercial, and industrial clients.

“My priority is safety” says Iasenza “we always meet or surpass the minimum requirements set forth by the latest edition of the Canadian Electrical Code Book. We are in business for the long haul – not for a quick buck. We depend on repeat business and referrals, and you only get this by taking care of your customers.”

Novatek Electric is a recommended supplier with CAA Habitation. Only companies who meet the stringent requirements of the CAA consumer protection plan can be members.

“I like CAA Habitation because they take regular polls of member’s clients and ensure that they are maintaining the highest standards,” says Iasenza. “CAA has a long history of protecting consumers. Electrical work can be dangerous and should be done by professionals only. I am often shocked by some of the shoddy workmanship I’ve seen out there.”

Novatek concerns for their clients were verified in talking to actual customers. Eileen Connolly of NDG and Nicole Gagné of Laval told the Home Bulletin:

Eileen Connolly  said “I commend you for your honesty, compassion and integrity in business”

“They were excellent! Wonderful! Nicole Gagné of Laval said “Everything was very well done. They did a perfect job. Very professional. I recommend them without hesitation.”

For safety in the home Iasenza stresses that everyone should have functional smoke alarms and that they be changed every five years. A home safety inspection should be done periodically by a qualified electrician. Unusual for most electrical contractors, Novatek Electric offers a “bucket truck” service for exterior hard-to-reach lighting. They also maintain electronic billboards, and highway safety signs for government, universities, high schools and large public buildings, including the Bell Centre.

For more information go to www.novatekelectric.com



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