Marco Polo Car Wash in Lasalle

Marco and Mauro Piccioni at their car wash in Ville Lasalle

Marco Polo Car Wash in Lasalle

The Home Bulletin September 12, 2013

Premier car wash treats your car like their own

If you’re concerned how your car is washed so are the staff at Marco Polo Car Wash        

Not all car wash are created equal as most car owners are aware. The Marco Polo Car Wash in Ville Lasalle came into existence 23 years ago because co-owner Mauro Piccioni loved cars.

Starting at 8 years old I would wash my father’s car and truck every day,” says Piccioni. “I just enjoyed doing the work and making the car all bright and shiny.” I got so good at it that when I was 17 years old, my father set me up in the car wash business.”

Mauro became a partner with his father Marco in the Marco Polo Car Wash at its present location of 1010, 80th Avenue in Ville Lasalle. Every car was treated with tender loving care from day one.

“I am very picky” says Mauro, “probably even more picky than the clients. We made sure every car got the full treatment.”

The full treatment means using quality products.

“We use the most expensive soaps and degreasers” says Mauro “we import a special leather treatment that costs double the regular price for such products, but gives far superior results. Every job is finished with a rinse containing wax. The surface is then dried with a shammy to bring up the shine. This prolongs the new finish.”

A comment by a customer “Mike C.” on the business-rating website ‘Seek Odin’ is typical of clients’ reactions. He says:

“Been going to Mauro and his car wash for 20 years. Best in Montreal!”

Marco Polo Car Wash is open every day, year-round, except major holidays. Customers can relax with a free coffee while waiting for their car. An exterior wash costs $11.50 (taxes in) and a complete in/out job is $19.50. Other car cleaning services are available such as shampooing, polishing, rustproofing, etc.

Asked why he thinks his business is so popular, Mauro replied:

“We treat every car like it’s our own.”

For more information call Marco Polo Car Wash at 514-368-4386

You can also visit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Car_wash to learn more about the business

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