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Certified Master Home Inspector Robert Young from Montreal Home Inspection Services in his office

Montreal Home Inspection Services

The Home Bulletin November 2, 2016

A home inspection is a crucial part of a home buying or selling process

“If you didn’t want to end up with a money pit make it a point to have a home inspection as part of your offer to buy your new residence” says Robert Young of Montreal Home Inspection Services Inc. “A qualified inspector will identify potential problem areas before the purchase. This will give you the option of not buying the home or negotiating a new price to compensate you for any repairs you might have to do”.

Young points out that, although an inspector is a must when you’re buying a home, it is also just as important when you are selling.

“There could be potential problems you are not aware of that may create legal challenges later on from the purchaser”, says Young. “Worn or out of date appliances, mechanical equipment and systems are not understood by the average homeowner. By providing a written condition report to the buyer, the vendor can fix areas of concerns ahead of time, or expose them to avoid any legal complications later on.”

Even if you are not selling, and plan to continue living in the home, Young advises regular inspections so that potential problems can be uncovered before they become a major project.

“My mother always says ‘An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.’ ” says Young.

“As part of my inspection I educate the client on the structures, systems and components of the home that homeowners should know about” he says, “and I give advice on the care and maintenance of the home. We use the latest equipment during our inspection. For example, our professional Fluke Ti300 60Hz Infrared Thermal Camera helps to detect issues unseen by the naked eye. And that’s a huge help to us!”

Robert Young knows what he is talking about. Prior to becoming an inspector he had spent thirty odd years in the construction industry. Starting off as an employee for a contractor at age sixteen, his experience has been broad and deep covering virtually every aspect of building construction – including building homes from the ground up.

In 2000, Young started his own company “West Island   Exterior   Maintenance”   dedicated to quality construction and renovation projects. In recent years he was forced to shelve the business because of family issues. Seven years ago he started inspecting homes and in 2011 he incorporated Montreal Home Inspection Services. The home inspection business gave him the flexibility to take care of family matters and to use his extensive knowledge and experience in the construction field. He started by acquiring certification on every aspect of home inspection and becoming a Certified Master Home Inspector. His credentials include memberships in:

INTERNACHI  (International Association of Certified Home Inspectors)

NACBI (National Association of Commercial Building Inspectors and Thermographers)

“The ACHI” (Alliance of Canadian Home Inspectors)

“Ontario ACHI” (Alliance of Canadian Home Inspectors)

ICC” (International Code Council)

It is obvious that with his vast construction experience and the extensive training in building inspection, Robert Young is highly qualified to offer professional building inspection services. When you add to that knowledge the extraordinary concern he expresses to provide the best possible service to his clients you get an unbeatable combination!

(Young invites clients to call if they have questions after an inspection. They may also subscribe to a monthly e-newsletter.)

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