Imperma-Seal – Paving & Paving Repair

Paving repair in the entrance of a double garage

Imperma-Seal – Paving & Paving Repair

 The Home Bulletin May 5, 2012

Sealer and repairs for asphalt, cracks and uni-stone

Service in paving maintenance with 16 years of un-excelled service to homes and businesses

Founded in 1997, Imperma-Seal has been providing residential, commercial, industrial and public facilities with paving and paving-repairs throughout Québec.

A family-run business with over 30 years of experience, they make sure their clients are always fully satisfied.

They manufacture and distribute their own products, material and equipment and rightly lay claim to the term:

“We know our business and we are very good at what we do”, says Manny Andreoli.

Throughout the last several decades, as traffic increases in our streets and parking areas, we cannot cease to notice severely damaged pavements mainly caused by salting, sun oxidation, oil spills, heavy vehicles, causing asphalts to deteriorate, especially during freezing and thawing cycles.

“Starting from scratch is not an affording solution to many of us. Therefore proper hot mix repairs, along with other maintenance programs have become by far the most popular, efficient, and affordable solution for short and long term periods.”

At the same time, the demand for paving stones has increased substantially. The use of paving stones on driveways, walkways, staircases, patios, terraces, pool decks and more is rapidly replacing conventional asphalt or concrete methods in residential, commercial and public facilities. This type of surface provides a better durability while enhancing esthetics.
Adequate maintenance will prevent deterioration and preserve the original color of the stone thus “protecting your paving investment.” Imperma-Seal’s experienced workforce and unique high quality products will ensure you a well cleaned and protected surface for many years to come.

For further details, visit their website at www.impermaseal.com

You can contact Manny Andreoli at 514-991-9075 (seal)

For your convenience, we welcome any questions or comments you may have regarding Imperma-Seal or any of the services / products we offer.

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