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The Home Bulletin November 30th, 2017                                                                                                    www.hbdirectory.ca

Attic insulation is an investment in your home that keeps on paying you back

Isolation Exper+ Inc. professionals make sure the job is done right with the latest equipment and conscientious applications.

Jean-François Perluzzi first exposure to the home insulation business was when he went to work for a local insulation company. He loved the job because he felt he was doing a very valuable service for his clients. He also became aware of the market potential for improved home insulation.

“I realized that the majority of Montreal homes are under insulated” he said. “I saw that I could make a good living while saving my clients a lot of money.”

In January 2017 Perluzzi launched his own company: Isolation Exper+ Inc. He brought in his father Piero as a partner. Piero is a retired police officer with many years of business experience as well. They bought the latest equipment for efficient application of blown-in attic insulation.

“We use a quality environmentally friendly chemical-free expanding, blowing fibreglass insulation” explains Jean-François. “This is a safe highly efficient insulation that will save the homeowner hundreds of dollars over the years.”

Of course, the product has to be properly installed to obtain the best results. Proper ventilation is critical to control moisture due to condensation.

“The first thing we do is make sure the soffits are open and we install baffles to keep them from being blocked by insulation” says Jean-François. “Efficient air intake is critical for insulation to work properly. Then we have to check the air outlet vents in the roof to see if they can handle the intake of air coming in through the soffits.”

Only after all the preparation work done can they begin the actual blowing in of the insulation. Laser markers are used to unsure that the required level of insulation is reached.

“We always go a bit over the marks to be sure we’ve installed an adequate amount” says Jean-François.

The care and professionalism shown by Isolation Exper+ crews is noticed by clients. Customer Lorraine Lafleur of Île Bizard told the Home Bulletin:

“They are very professional. They are honest expert workers. The work is done cleanly. I was satisfied and I do recommend them.”

This was echoed by customer Esther Nault of Vaudreuil-Dorion:

“They did very nice work. Very polite and conscientious. They arrived on time. I was very happy and don’t hesitate to recommend them.”

Isolation Exper+ specializes in quality blow-in insulation. For a free estimate on insulating your home or other information call Jean-François Perluzzi at 514-606-1232