Belgrave Roofing

Les couvreurs Belgrave dont le propriétaire est Brandon Gillett est au travail avec une de ses équipes

Belgrave Roofing

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Master roofers earn customer loyalty with quality products and service

Belgrave roofing has been taking care of their West Montreal neighbours’ roofing needs for over fifty years

Frank Gillett started Belgrave Roofing in 1967 on Belgrave Avenue in NDG. His desire to do the best possible job for his customers resulted in steady growth – building a solid business over the years.

In 2000, Frank’s son, Brandon, took over the enterprise and has maintained the customer-first policy begun by his father. In addition to a lifetime of experience in the roofing business (since he was a teenager) he has acquired the skills of a master roofer, as well as qualifying as a civil engineering technician. Brandon insists that all jobs are done with quality workmanship and materials. He explains:

“Our goal is not to be the biggest roofing company but to have the best reputation.”

One customer, Mark Sidloi, the president of a townhouse condo association in Cote St.Luc told the Home Bulletin:

“They are topnotch for service. I was very impressed on all levels and very pleased with the repairs they did.”

One procedure that Brandon initiated was to take a photo of every step of flat-roof jobs. He says:

“Because flat roofs are done in several layers, the customer has no way of knowing if everything was installed properly. With photos we can show them how every step was done.”

Customer David Harris of NDG was impressed:

“I can’t say enough about these guys. They are absolutely professional. They took pictures of the whole job to show what they did. I have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone.”

Another example of Brandon’s concern for quality is that when he felt that the roofing components – such as roof vents, piping and flashing – sold by building supply outlets were inferior, he bought the equipment and started to manufacture his own roofing accessories with the intent of improving quality and performance of these items. Today, Belgrave even supplies other roofing companies with these materials.

As a qualified roofing inspector, Brandon Gillett is also in demand to provide roof inspection services to homeowners or other building owners. His official report of the inspection can be used to resolve conflicts or to settle legal claims. Client Jackie Saliba had a conflict with another roofer who had done her roof. She hired Brandon to inspect the job. She explains:

“He was very professional, very honest. He went out of his way to resolve the problem. He even went with me to the mediation with the offending roofer and helped me get resolution of the conflict. I will be using Belgrave for my next roof.”

Belgrave work crews are all made up of professional roofers who are union members and have.

For more information about Belgrave Roofing, contact Brandon Gillett at 514-932-7772