Arbres Bonne Santé – Tree Service

Sylvain Gingras, owner of Arbres Bonne Santé offers his tree service to the West-Island

Arbres Bonne Santé – Tree Service

The Home Bulletin  September 29, 2010

Professional tree service provides decorative tree pruning, surgery and bracing to bring health and safety to your trees.

In 2010, Arbres Bonne Santé was the first company in Québec to win the highest (5-stars) rating from the SIAQ (Société Internationale d’Arboriculture du Québec). This prestigious award is given as a result of the comments from clients pleased with the  efforts  of owner Sylvain  Gingras  and  members  of  his  team who all hold diplomas in arboriculture.

Early in his adult life, Gingras became fascinated by trees, their importance in our environment and the endless decorative functions they could serve, if kept healthy and properly pruned.

He passionately completed appropriate training and practical requirements in 1994 and later earned his SIAQ membership. Today, Arbres Bonne Santé is a much respected West Island contractor (their service-area is usually in the West Island and the western region of Laval). When interviewed for this article, Gingras said:

“My company and employees are fully covered by liability insurance, CSST and a private insurance. We use late-model, well-maintained equipment in the performance of our work. All waste is fully recycled through local, municipal eco-centres.  And of  course, our  main concern is the health and appearance of your trees.”

André Lefebvre from Laval, who used his tree service says:

“I am more than  happy with the job–everything balances so nicely. The work was beautifully done!”

The  company  maintains websites in French and English:


The tree services offered are:

Young Trees Pruning  – Regular Pruning & Trimming

Safety Pruning – Clearance Pruning – Health Care Pruning

Natural Symmetric – Trimming – Thinning – Raising – Surgery

Bracing – Felling – Stump Removal.

Arbres Bonne Santé is staffed by serious professionals who show genuine concern  and have a vast knowledge of the appropriate treatment for all types of trees.


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