Émondage Lafontaine – Tree Service

Marc Lafontaine owner of the tree service Émondage Lafontaine stands by his truck

Émondage Lafontaine – Tree Service

The Home Bulletin, June 25, 2014

Professional tree service uses latest modern equipment and techniques

Marc Lafontaine always loved trees. So, after completing the government course in Arboriculture in 1994, he started his own tree service business: Émondage Lafontaine Inc.

Today, the company employs six qualified arborists using the most up-to-date equipment to provide a full service to tree owners – from emerald ash borer treatment, to fertilization, pruning, chipping, felling and stump removal.

The recent infestation of the emerald ash borer presents a serious threat to ash trees. So, Emondage Lafontaine has procured an effective treatment for this condition.

“We use a product called TreeAzin to treat  trees infested with the emerald ash borer,” says Marc Lafontaine. “I recommend that people with ash trees get this treatment even if the tree is not infected to protect it from this fatal disease. All untreated trees will die within three years otherwise. This is a very serious threat to ash trees.”

Emondage Lafontaine has special equipment to fertilize trees and bushes. Deep root feeding is performed with an injector using 500 pounds of pressure to deliver the 10-5-10 fertilizer to the outer edge of the roots. Lafontaine recommends that the fertilization be done every year to keep your trees healthy.

“This will give the trees a stronger root system and better resistance to disease and insects,” explains Lafontaine.

Large tree stumps removal is a difficult problem without the proper equipment. Emondage Lafontaine can complete the job in less than an hour using the largest stump grinder in the province. This is done to a depth of 25 inches – deep enough to plant another tree in the same hole.

Although the company’s main focus is to keep customer’s trees alive and healthy they can handle any tree felling and removal, including large trees near hydro lines or in hard-to-reach locations such as backyards without truck access, etc. These are delicate and dangerous jobs requiring knowledge and skill and definitely not a job for amateurs.

Although most of the customers are residential homeowners, the company has a number of commercial clients such as golf courses, cemeteries, etc.

Emondage Lafontaine prides itself in leaving every jobsite in a proper condition.

“We always clean up after every job,” says Lafontaine “we use rakes and blowers to smooth over the worked areas.”

The company offers free estimates to all potential customers, which are done by Marc Lafontaine himself.

For more information go to www.emondage.com



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