Mama Fit

Work out with Lisa Sims at Mama Fit Fitness Studio

Mama Fit

The Home Bulletin September 2013

Tailor-made fitness program designed for mothers

Kids participate as mothers get in shape

Lisa Sims has been into fitness her whole life. She participated in competitive swimming in her teens where she won several medals, ribbons and awards. In the last four years of her swimming career she also taught competitive swimming to other aspiring athletes.

When Lisa gave birth to her first child she realized that there was no convenient way for young mothers to participate in fitness programs. So she started her own fitness centre designed to incorporate children into the training providing a section for them next to the workout area.

“The kids liked it because they could see their mothers and the mothers liked it because they could keep an eye on their youngsters” says Lisa. “It was a hit from the start. This way we could handle babies to older children. The kids got a big kick out of taking part in the exercises”.

“I thought it was brilliant to be able to bring the kids!” says client Sabrina Verdecampo of St.Lazare who did twenty classes at the Mama Fit studio. “It was always a problem bringing kids to a regular gym”.

“I love the program,” says Verdecampo. “Lisa is a fantastic trainer. She knows how to get maximum results from the exercises. We saw a big difference very quickly”.

Another client, Moran Klod – who participated with five friends in the “Mama Fit Bootcamp” program – was fulsome with praise.

“It was like having a personal trainer really great! Awesome!” she says. “The concept is very convenient and practical. Lisa is a very good motivator and she keeps bringing interesting things into the program. I highly recommend her!”

The Mama Fit customized program is available at the Mama Fit studio in St.Lazare or at the home of the client. The training is done on a one-on-one basis, or with groups or couples, or in the “Bootcamp” group of six. The subjects covered are resistance training, cardio, core muscles, TRX suspension training, and nutrition.

“Our program is geared towards mothers and other women” says Lisa Sims.

“We also work with women that are pre and post natal. Our specially designed exercises will make the delivery easier, and after the birth, they help mother get back in shape faster.”

In addition to her athletic background Lisa has had ten years of teaching experience and has completed the training for Canfit-Pro, Corfit and Corfit nutrition. She has also registered with the Association des Naturotherapeutes du Québec which can allow some clients to claim part of the training costs from their insurance company.

For more information go to www.mamafit.ca



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