G&S Landscape Construction

G&S Landscape Construction

The Home Bulletin Inc. March 21, 2017

Caring landscaper increases your living space and property value

G&S Landscape Construction applies top quality job preparation techniques for long-lasting results

Christopher Gibb discovered he loved the landscaping business when he took a job with a landscaping company. During this period he worked on every type of job learning the ropes.

“I really liked working outside in the fresh air and operating heavy equipment,” Gibb recounted, “what really gave me satisfaction was realizing I was doing work that improved the appearance and functioning of the property.”

In 2003, after six years of working for other companies, Gibb started his own West Island business: G&S Landscape Construction.

“As an employee of other companies I wasn’t always happy with the way some jobs were done”, Gibb explains. “On my own I could be sure everything was done properly.”

Having his own company allowed him to have complete control of the quality of the work being done. As a perfectionist by nature this was important to him.

As his business developed, Gibb expanded his knowledge by taking courses in landscaping which gave official certification in the trade.

“I keep up with industry standards,” he said, “to maintain my certification and keep current.”

The most satisfying thing in my profession is to realize that for doing something for a family that will last for decades – increases the enjoyment as well as the value of their property. Every job must not only look good but must be durable and maintenance free. I regard the quality of the work I do as my best advertising. It’s important to remember that a lot of the value of the job is not visible; it’s underground in the materials I use – and in the application. Proper installation is critical for long-lasting results.”

Gibb client-centered approach to his profession is not unnoticed by his customers and has produced a continuing stream of referred jobs. Client Andrew Saaba of the NDG borough is typical.

“He is passionate about his work” says Saaba, “he gave a professional quote that was impressive in its detail and he was accurate in the timing of the job. I was very pleased with the work and the way it was done. I have recommended him to others.”

Keith Myles, also of NDG, had a complete landscaping job done, plus he had Gibb come back to install a fence the year after.

“I was extremely happy with the jobs” says Myles. Chris is very pleasant to deal with. He is versatile and very conscientious – he always came first thing in the morning. He was excellent. I certainly recommend him to others.”

Gibb explained his customers’ exceptional satisfaction with his work.

We are able to give a personalized service where we can focus on the client’s needs. I am a perfectionist and I insist on doing every job properly – that’s the reason I started my own business.”

Chris Gibb is personally involved in every job, overseeing his carefully selected crew and actually participating in the physical work himself.

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