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D.C. Landscaping

Serious, hardworking and professional landscaper earns customer loyalty

D.C. Landscaping of Ville Lasalle has built their business by giving quality workmanship and concern for the customer.

Robert Cinquino learned about the value of customer service while working in his family garden centre since he was 7 years old. Cinquino’s knowledge of home garden products led to an interest in the landscaping business. In 1984, he started D.C. Landscaping when he bought a grass maintenance and snow removal route from another company. From this beginning over the years, he added more and more services.
Today the company offers summer maintenance programs plus planting of trees, shrubs and lawns. They also developed expertise in cement work installing walkways, steps and retaining walls. They have become specialists in uni-stone over the years and have installed many driveways and walkways.
Robert Cinquino explains why he has remained in the business all these years.

“I stayed in the business because I had a real passion for landscaping” he says. “After high school I tried other jobs but I always came back to landscaping. I get a lot of satisfaction out of improving the client’s property. For a job to last a long time it has to be done properly and the quality of the materials is very important. We use only real stone from a quarry because it does a better job. We don’t use recycled stone. When we install unistone we use only polymer sand because this is a superior product. It also prevent weeds from growing between the stones and spoiling the job.”

Cinquino explains that landscaping should not only look better, but also function better such as sloping drainage always from the building to avoid foundation leaks.

“For jobs to last a long time, preparation has to be done properly”, he explains, “what is hidden under the soil is as important as what is visible on the surface.”

It is obvious talking to Robert Cinquino that he is genuinely concerned for his clients. His customers are loyal and use his services over and over. One such example is Maurice L’Espérance of Ville Lasalle who has hired Cinquino several times over the years.

“He is really a good guy” L’Espérance explained “he is  very reliable, always on time and he does very good work. I would recommend him to anyone.”

For more information contact Robert Cinquino at 514-366-7266
They offer a free estimate and a guaranteed satisfaction.