Tomassini Injection – Foundation Repairs

Roger Tomassini, president of Tomassini Injection wearing a white jacket and a white hard hat. He is a specialist of foundation repair

Tomassini Injection – Foundation Repairs

The Home Bulletin  May 14, 2012

Basement wall cracks are fixable

Repairs on the foundation can be done from the interior without digging

Most homes have or will have basement wall cracks. It’s a common problem as a result of contraction and expansion of the concrete of the foundation due to seasonal temperature changes. These cracks lead to water infiltration with damage to finished basements – and the even more serious concern of health- threatening moulds.

Fortunately, for homeowners there are effective and relatively inexpensive solutions. Since most cracks continue to grow larger, the sooner you do the job the less costly it is. (Charges are based on size and number of cracks.) And, by-the-way, just because a crack isn’t leaking now doesn’t mean it won’t begin to with a bit of extra wet weather.

“Even hairline cracks, not really obvious to the eye, can be a source of water infiltration” says Roger Tomassini of Tomassini Injection, “water can penetrate the smallest cracks”. 

Having been in the foundation business for 35 years he knows what he is talking about.

When you walk into Roger Tomassini’s office you know this is a guy who is exceptionally well-organized – a place for everything and everything in its place. Trained as a machinist and industrial designer, Tomassini has used his skills for perfecting foundation injection equipment and techniques. (He is also an airplane pilot and scuba diver among other interests)

“When I started in the business, the injection equipment was really inadequate “says Tomassini. “I realized the equipment they were using would not produce a long lasting repair – it just didn’t have the force for proper penetration.”

He began experimenting with the equipment on the marker. Since he was a machinist he was able to make the improvements himself. He has continued to upgrade the equipment and caulking materials over the years.

Today his injection device is a high pressure pump made of avionics grades materials capable of 5,000 PSI of force making it capable of totally saturating the smallest hair line cracks.

 “Now, the system is so powerful that we certify that the product will go through a hair line crack in a 36-inch wall” says Tomassini. “Plus, our water reactive grouts are flexible enough to stand the seasonal expansions and contractions. They also create a mechanical anchor to hold the structure together.”

In a further indication of his search for perfection, in 1998, Tomassini has subjected his company to the exacting performance of ISO 9000. This international standards organization protects the public by ensuring that quality standards are maintained.

Roger Tomassini believes in quality customer service and openness.

“I can promise that any customer calling us for information will always get an honest, straight forward answer”, says Tomassini.

For more information call Tomassini Injection at 514-347-7873 or go to www.fissure-fondation.com




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