Scheler Renovation – Home Renovations

Jean-Marc Scheler Renovator specializes in older home renovation

Scheler Renovation – Home Renovations

The Home Bulletin  July 2, 2013

Renovator focuses on quality work and customer satisfaction

Company policy of openness before job’s starts leaves no surprises to clients.

“We encourage our customers to participate in renovation projects we work on” says Jean-Marc Scheler, president of Scheler Renovation. “Our renovator and construction manager consults regularly with the client during the job.”

“Before starting the work, we sit down with the clients to identify their needs and desires.” We want to be sure to deliver what they are looking for” says Scheler. “People don’t like surprises so we give them a realistic time schedule for the job. We also point out potential problems that might not be noticed until later – such as when walls are dismantled revealing additional unseen damage, etc.”

Scheler points out that their main focus is quality.

We want customers who expect good work” he says. “All our jobs carry a 3-year guaranty. We are fully licensed and insured and we follow the building code to the letter.”

Customer Claude Tailleur of Montreal who had major brickwork done on his home was very satisfied with the  work Scheler did for him.

“They did a beautiful job” said Tailleur. “I would certainly recommend them to others.”

Property owner, David Lucas of Montreal has used Scheler Renovation several times over the last four to five years says

“I’m very satisfied with their work and I intend to use them in future projects”.

Jean-Marc Scheler has been an entrepreneur since his early twenties when he started an office cleaning and maintenance service company. As the years passed, the business continued to grow. Because of his attitude of getting things done properly his clients approached him for more services – including renovations. The clients also had homes so he began to get more and more requests for home renovations. He expanded his team to include professional tradesmen to handle this increasing demand for his services. Scheler has since sold the office cleaning and maintenance service and focuses exclusively on renovations. To supervise the varied projects he has recruited an experienced contractor as a manager. He, himself, closely oversees everything the company does.

“We are committed to strive for excellence. This commitment drives us to deliver quality prospects on time and within budget!” says Jean-Marc Scheler.

For more information go to: www.scheler.ca


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