Jack Gentile of Pauls Landscaping

Jack Gentile from Pauls Landscaping sitting in his office reading plans

Jack Gentile of Pauls Landscaping

The Home Bulletin December 7, 2016

Landscape professionals bring beauty, utility and value to your property

Pauls’ Landscaping pays attention to details

The Gentile brothers Jack and John have been in the landscape business all of their working lives. They learned the trade working with their landscaper father. In 1986 they bought Paul’s Nursery in the West Island and went into business for themselves as landscapers with a nursery to provide products.

Since the beginning, customer service, fair prices and attention to detail has brought a continuous flow of customers to Pauls’ Landscaping.

“We always strive to give the customer the maximum for his money” says Jack Gentile. “We want him to feel that he got value equivalent to the cost.”

Customer Mas Rohadi of Roxboro says:

“I have used Paul’s Landscaping several times and I have referred family and friends to them. The reason I like them is they are reliable and very professional. They know what they are doing and they are very competitive in their pricing. I recommend them to anyone looking for a good job at a good price.”

Paolo DeRosa of Dollard used Paul’s Landscaping to install a uni-stone driveway, build an entry stairway, plus other work,

“I was very happy with the work” he says. “I would certainly recommend them.”

The basis of their customer satisfaction is the professional pride with which they perform every job. This concern is evident and much appreciated by their clients.

“Before starting the work, we go to survey the job site and to talk to the customer to get an idea of his preferences” says Jack Gentile, “we take measurements and do drawings to scale. We will present different options we feel might be suitable for the project.”

“Once we know what he is looking for our horticultural landscaping designer will prepare a detailed plan for the proposed job.  Once the contract has been signed the customer can decide whether he wants the project completed right away or spread out over time. We can work with his preferences.”

Paul’s Landscaping is a certified landscaper and member of the APPQ (Association des paysagistes professionnels du Québec). They are also a member of ICPI (Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute). Their specialities include uni-stone driveways, walkways, stairs and patios. This includes stonework and retaining walls. Of course, they also do plantings of gardens, trees, shrubs, grass, etc.

For more information go to www.pepinierepauls.com


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